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2024 New and Returning Vendor Application

Please read the FAQ and requirements before filling out our vendor application. 

Vendor FAQs

  • We allow plant, produce, food, and drink vendors. All market goods must be produced, grown, raised and/or processed in Indiana.

  • Craft items are not allowed to be sold at our market at this time. Food Adjacent items (ex: knife sharpening, cutting boards, soap) may be permitted on an as-needed basis at the market managers discretion.

  • Vendors may request between 1 and 3 adjacent spaces. Each space is 10x10.

  • Prices for the 2024 season: 1 space - $1752 adjacent spaces - $2753 adjacent spaces - $375.

  • Vendors must agree to be at the market for the entire season. Occasionally, we will hire part-time/substitute vendors as needed. The cost for a 10x10 space for 1 market day is $25. Please apply as a part-time/substitute vendor if you are not available for the entirety of the season. 

  • We are a rain or shine market. In the case of severe weather, such as a severe thunderstorm in the vicinity, we will temporarily suspend the market and resume when the storm has passed. 

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